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Here you will find descriptions to the many different terms used throughout the website.

Apex: Growing point of the stem, root or leaf.

Basal: The base from which leaves, stems and flowers arise.

Corolla: The inner circle of petals. Also a reliable car.

Cultivar: Hybrid (new) form of a plant that originates in cultivation.

Deciduous: Plant that loses its leaves for a certain part of the year, usually winter.

Divaricated: Twiggy looking plants with zig zag like branches. e.g. Coprosma 'Red Rocks'.

Fastigate: Branches are upright and parallel to the main stem. e.g. Buxus 'Graham Blandy'.

Herbaceous: Non- woody plants. e.g. Heuchera 'Amethyst'.

Hybrid: A plant that is a cross between two dissimilar parents.

Node: Point where leaves, shoots and flowers are attached.

Papilionaceous: Just a cool word really. Means the flowers have five petals, shaped like a butterfly.

Prostrate: Lying flat on the ground. i.e. After too many rums.

Pyramidal: Conical form with angular sides. e.g. Thuja 'Pyramidalis'.

PVR (Plant Variety Rights). This is like a trademark on plants. Some we are able to grow by paying a royalty to the PVR owner wereas others we cannot and they are only available from retail outlets.

Rosette: Cluster of leaves that form a circle.

Standard: A plant with a single stem to a height before branching begins. Usually plants are trained this way such as roses and Bay trees.

Synonym (Syn): A name rejected in favour of another. Plants may still be known by this older name.

Topairy: The art of clipping or training plants into various forms.

Variegated: These plants have patterns of other colours on their leaves. Can be on the margins, in the centre or as a speckled, spotted look.