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Carex 'Frosted Curls'



The leaves on this native grass are an attractive frosted green, with a graceful habit.

30cm x 40cm 
Growing Conditions:
Grows in most soil conditions but does best in free draining soil. Plant in full sun for best results but is happy in half day sun. Cold and wind hardy. A suitable coastal plant. 
Very little care required but like all grasses a little combing will keep them looking fresh and tidy. Just pull the garden rake through the plant to remove all the dead and/ or dry growth. If they get too dry or too wet they can ‘brown’ off at the tips. Just cut them back and they will quickly re-grow. 

  • Mass plant for effect. Great bank cover, rockery plant, or for coastal gardens.
  • Use as a foreground plant for weed control or as a low border.
  • A great contrast plant, especially with other coloured grasses and flaxes.
  • Ideal for those exposed gardens, or as part of an easy care native theme.

Carex ‘Frosted Curls’ is one of our favourites. The colour is stunning and works well with so many other plants. Don’t plant them too close together or they don’t get the chance to show off their arching form.


Companion Plants: 
Scleranthus biflorusLibertia ixiodiesAgapanthus 'Streamline'
Alternative Plants: 
Carex testacea, Carex comans 'Bronze', Festuca coxii