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Xeronema callistemon


Common Name:

Poor Knights Lily



An attractive native lily that forms a tight clump of broad glossy green leaves.




Long bright red, brush like flowers are held on long stems.




1m x 75cm


Growing Conditions:


A plant that grows naturally in exposed situations it requires a free draining soil, preferring sandy or gravelly soils. Will grow in full sun to semi-shade, but protection from strong sun will prevent leaf burn.




Protect from frosts and feed occasionally. Trim older leaves for appearance if needed. They benefit from a twicw yearly applicaation of salt water. This mimics their natural environment and can help them flower earlier.




  • Xeronema are perfect for containers where they can get root bound.
  • Great coastal plant either mass planted or with other spiky plants.
  • Combine with other natives, especially grasses, for a modern low fuss look.



Xeronema is an attractive plant that is quite rare, both in the wild and in gardens. It is one of our top picks as an easy care container plant. It is common for Xeronema to rot back if planted in nice soil. They need dood drainage and like root restriction.


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Companion Plants:

Acaena purpurea, Phormium ‘Emerald Gem’, Hebe topiara

Alternative Plants:


Astelia chathamicaLibertia ixioides, Phormium ‘Emerald Gem’