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Deschampsia cespitosa 'Daybreak'


Common Name:

Tufted hair grass.


A clump forming grass with multi-coloured tones.


A seed head appears in late summer.


30cm x 30cm

Growing Conditions:

They do best in sunny spot with free draining soil. They can tolerate windy and exposed sites. In frosty areas they can get burned during the winter but can be cut back and will shoot away again in the spring.


Little needed. Just run a rake through the plant to pull out the dead and matted growth.


·         Useful in containers.

·         Mass plant for effect.

·         Use in the front of a perennial border for contrast.


A delightful little grass whose multiple colours add interest year round.


Companion Plants:

Dianthus 'Rustic Charm', Thymus coccenius, Hemerocallis 'Stella Bella'

Alternative Plants:

Festuca coxii, Libertia formosa, Agapanthus 'Silver Baby'