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Carex buchananii



A tall, upright, brown coloured grass.


Small, black seed pods stand above foliage.


80cm x 50cm

Growing Conditions:

As a general rule most of the native grasses need well-draining soil in full sun. They will tolerate a wide range of soil types though. Many are happy in sandy soils and in clay based soils.


Little care needed, but to keep them looking their best there are two handy tricks. One is to pull the garden rake through the foliage, this will remove all the old growth and make the plant look new and fresh. The other is too cut them back to above 10cm every few years, they will quickly re-sprout and fill out again.


  • Mass plantings to fill out banks or other exposed areas.
  • In combination with other grasses and flaxes for a low maintenance look.
  • Planted amongst flowering perennials to provide contrast.
  • Great coastal grass.


Carex buchananii is one of the taller grasses, so plant at the back if using a range of colours and sizes.

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Companion Plants:

Chinochloa flavicans, Phormium, Aceana purpurea.

Alternative Plants:

Leptocarpus similis, Phormium 'Emerald Gem', Carex comans 'Brown'.