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Carex testacea


Common Name:

Speckled Sedge


A hardy grass with a graceful arching habit. Strong orange colouring.


Small black seed pods.


30cm x 40cm

Growing Conditions:

Will grow almost anywhere but dislikes really wet feet. The best colour is achieved if planted in full sun and neglected a little.


Run the garden rake through them occasionally to pull out the dead growth. This will keep them looking tidy and fresh. Every few years they can be cut back hard to encourage new growth.


·         Wonderful mass planting subject especially for banks and exposed areas.

·         Will look good edging the top of a retaining wall.

·         Good for coastal gardens and easy care plantings.


This is one of our most popular grasses and rightly so with its brilliant colour and attractive form. Plant it on its own for a strong visual display or use other native shrubs to add texture and contrast. Create a ‘sea’ of testacea and then have ‘islands’ of Hebe or Myrtus or small Corokia planted in amongst them.


Companion Plants:

Scleranthus biflorus, Coprosma 'Taiko', Hebe 'Champagne'

Alternative Plants:

Libertia peregrinans, Carex 'Frosted Curls', Festuca coxii