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Camellia hybrid 'Fairy Blush'



A hardy, dense shrub that is suited to many uses. Considered slow growing, they eventually fill out to be wonderful fillers or hedges and provide colour in those dull winter months.


Small, bell shaped flowers emerge pink and fade to white.


2.5m x 2m 

Growing Conditions:

Camellias can cope with a wide range of growing conditions from semi- shady to full sun. The white flowering japonicas generally prefer a more shady location. As Camellias have a lot of surface roots they enjoy a well worked soil that is full of compost. Camellias are fine in the wind but larger flowering forms, especially whites, can bruise and so are best if sheltered.


Camellias can be considered easy care, requiring little maintenance. Pruning after flowering will keep the plant to size and shape and encourage new foliage which is either fresh green or in many cases a rich red.

They are usually pest free but can be affected by Thrips and Spider mite. Both bugs can be controlled by spraying a suitable insectide. If Camellias are planted in a damp and shady spot they can sometimes get Mildew, which is a black powder like substance on the leaves. A suitable fungicide will clean this up.


·         Hedging and screens.

·         Mixed shrubberies for colour. Effective when planted with similar plants such as Rhododendrons, Pieris, Azaleas and Magnolias.

·         Containers and topiary, particularly Standards.


Camellias are very versatile with a range of uses. While the flower is the main attraction, their glossy foliage and new growth make them attractive throughout the year.