What's new and exciting?

These are some of the many plants that have come into store, begun to flower or done something to warrant mention.

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Lavandula angustifolia 'Grosso' and 'Arabian Nights'  

These are the Lavender you see in the endless rows of the lavender farms, chosen for their great oil content. A long flowering time and hardy habit add to the attraction. 

Use them, in containers, as low informal hedges, for mass planting or just to add some colour in the garden. They are great near the Vege garden to help attract beneficial bugs and to ward off others. You can also crush some of the leaves into olive oil to make a natural sand fly repellant. 

PB5 $7.95 each



Tibouchina edwardsii

A funky shrub with large furry, leathery like leaves. Produces rich purple flowers throughout the year. A great plant to add to a border or can be pruned hard to keep compact in a container. Protect from heavy frost and does best if sheltered from the wind. The branches tend to be brittle, but if pruned regularly it forms a more bushy habit which will make it stronger.

Use to add colour and to make impact amongst more leafy plants.

PB6.5 $13.95 each.



 Liriope 'Royal Purple' 

We finally have them back in stock. It has taken a while to bulk up numbers but we have a great crop now and they are full of flower. Liriope makes an awesome border or mass planting for shady areas. Will grow to 30-40cm high and wide.

Our 'Crazies' grade below are $8.95 each




Escallonia 'Red Dream'

A tidy, compact growing shrub with glossy green leaves and masses of pink flowers throughout spring and summer. The bushy habit clips well making it a great choice for low hedging. Could be clipped to 50cm tall and wide. To achieve this plant 3-4 per metre. Otherwise it is a nice hardy, flowering shrub that is happy in most conditions.

These are our PB5 grade whioch are $7.95 each.



Sagina aurea - Golden Irish Moss

This is one of my favourite ground covers. Bright yellow foliage is covered in tiny white flowers throughout the summer. Plant in dappled shade or keep moist if planting in full sun. Perfect for underplanting shrubs or plant in a wide, shallow dish for a neat feature for the deck or patio.

This is our PB5 grade for $7.95 each.



Agapanthus 'Tinkerbell'

 A unique version of miniature Aganpanthus, 'Tinkerbell' has cream and green leaves and eventually has spikes of bue flowers. These are slow to appear so just enjoy the foliage.

Plant in the front of your garden, use in containers or as a dramatic groundcover when mass planted.

We have a chunky PB5 grade for $7.95 each.