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A clump forming native lily that has spikes of white flowers through summer. These sit above wide blue-green foliage that give this plant year round appeal. Ideal for mass planting. 75cm x 75cm.
Asplenium bulbiferum (Hen & Chicken Fern)
A native fern that forms a clump of long arching fronds. A good groundcover or filler between other shade loving plants. 90cm x 90cm.
Aucuba japonica ‘Crotonoides’
This shrub is valued for its ornamental leaves which are large and glossy with yellow splashes across them. Small red berries appear if planted with a male variety such as ‘Golden King’ or ‘Mr Goldstrike’. Tolerant of salt laden winds, drought, pollution and shady conditions. 2m x 1.5m
Blechnum discolor (Crown Fern)
The Crown fern forms a nice rosette of foliage on a small trunk about 30cm high. Perfect for under planting shrubs and trees, Blechnum look really good when mass planted, especially by ponds or streams. Long leaves can reach lengths of up to 1m.
Blechnum fluviatile (Ray Water Fern)
This native fern grows by sending runners creating a small colony of rosettes. Easy to grow they just require shade, a moist, well worked soil and protection from heavy frosts. Great mass planted near streams or in gullies etc. 40cm high
Clivia miniata (Kaffir Lily)
An ideal plant for dry shady spots, especially under trees where they can be left to form thick clumps of strap like leaves. Spectacular flower spikes hold large heads of bright orange flowers during early summer. Protect from frost. 75cm x 75cm
Dianella nigra
This neat native lily has a tidy arching habit. Spikes of white flowers are followed by brilliant metallic blue berries. Ideal for mass planting under trees and shrubs, Dianella can grow in full sun but perfers a semi shaded spot. 40cm x 40cm
Dicksonia fibrosa (Tree Fern)
This NZ tree fern is a classic plant with it's large spreading fronds creating a dramatic look. Enjoying moist, cool and semi- shady spots, Pungas make a great cover for other smaller growing shade plants. 6m.
Dicksonia squarrosa (Tree Fern)
The classic Punga. Fantastic spreading foliage makes for a perfect canopy in a shady corner or side of the house. Provides cover for other shade loving plants below, and looks good planted in groups. Needs plenty of moisture and protection from frost. 5m x 2m
Helleborus orientalis
Flowering in winter and spring, Hellebores are a great choice for shady gardens. There is a great variety in the colour ranging from whites, greens, pinks to purples. Needs moist, well drained soil but are hardy otherwise. 60cm
One of the most popular (and therefore hardest to get) Hostas due to its large, blue- grey leaves. An exellent plant for a shady spot it also makes a great contrast for other Hostas. White flower spikes. 90cm
Another neat Hosta with large heart leaves that are yellow- green with distinictive dark green markings on the edge. A perfect plant for shady spots, it will clump up to become a bold mass of foliage. 80cm
A medium sized Hosta with deep green leaves and a striking white edge. Plant in shade for an effective underplanting of trees and shrubs. Works really with in combination with other Hostas. Protect from Snails at all cost. Lavender flower spikes. 50cm
Light green leaves have a yellow to white margin. The perfect choice for a shady spot but do watch out for snails. Prefers a moist soil, especially under trees and shrubs. Lavender flower spikes. 70cm
Light yellow or charteuse green leaves are heart shaped and edged with a green margin. Plant in shade in well worked soil and watch out for snails. Lavender flower spikes. 60cm
Large textured leaves have a yellow margin. Plant in shade as a filler or under trees and shrubs. Forms a neat clump of foliage. Lavender flower spikes. 60cm
A clump forming perennial that is ideal for mass planting under trees and shrubs or other shady spots. Hostas do die down in winter but make up for it in spring. Watch out for snails. Bluish- grey leaves and lavender flower spikes. 75cm
Large lime green leaves are edged with white. A clump forming perennial that loves shade and is an excellent choice for underplanting trees and shrubs especially in moist soil. 80cm
Another popular Hosta with vivid white markings on the edge of green leaves. Lightens a shady corner but you have to watch out for snails. 60cm
Lush, deeply veined foliage is a warm buttery gold. Perfect for that shady corner or to fill out underneath trees. Mulch well and provide a well worked soil. Watch for snails which love the soft leaves. 60cm x 75cm
Heart shaped leaves are pale green with a striking yellow margin. Brilliant colour for a dull, shady spot in the garden. Needs a well worked soil and protection from snails. Lavender flower spikes. 50cm x 60cm
A clump forming perennial that is ideal for mass planting under trees and shrubs or other shady spots. Hostas do die down in winter but make up for it in spring. Watch out for snails. Yellow- green leaves and lavender flower spikes. 90cm
Large pointed leaves are green with a strong yellow edging. Plant in shade as a filler or accent plant amongst other shade loving plants. Lavender flower spikes. 70cm
Myosotidium hortensia
The one and only Chatham Island Forget Me Not. Large glossy green leaves make this an excellent shade plant especially mass planted. The large blue flower heads help lighten those shady spots. Look out for the white form which is hard to get.
Polystichum vestitum (Shield Fern)
A robust and spreading ground fern that has a squat habit. Does best when planted in shade in a fertile, well drained soil but can handle poor soil and sunlight. The strong, dark green fronds grow to 30cm long.