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Fruit and Edibles

Feijoa Unique
A popular shrub that produces mountains of sweet tasting fruit. This variety is self- fertile so you only need the one plant to start producing. Makes a great container plant especially if standarised or even as a hedge. It has really attractive red flowers and a tidy habit. 3m x 2m
Myrtus ugni Syn. Ungi molinae (N.Z. Cranberry)
A neat addition to the edible garden. Forms a low shrub covered in white flowers that are followed by small red fruit. A hardy and easy care plant that makes a great low hedge or used in containers. 1.5m x 1m.
Passiflora edulis (Purple Passionfruit)
A strong growing climber that produces delicious purple fruit. Needs a warm, sheltered spot for best results. Will quickly cover a trellis or fence and will be producing crops from an early age.
Ribes (Black Currant and Red Currant)
Medium sized, deciduous shrubs that bear masses of tiny, tasty fruit over the christmas period. Plant in a sunny spot in free draining soil for the best results. A great addition to the edible garden, the currants have many uses. 1.5m x 1m
Rubus pentalobus (Orangeberry)
A hardy groundcover with textured leaves that quickly fills a large area. Plant in tough spots where it will thrive. White flowers are followed by small orange fruit that have a flavour similar to orange cordial. 15cm x 2m
Thymus coccineus
A stunning groundcover that needs no improving on. Tiny and delicate looking foliage is actually really tough. Provides brilliant colour for the garden, hanging over pots and walls, between pavers or as a lawn. Use in cooking as well. Plant in full sun. 10cm x 40cm