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Click on any of the plant names below to see more information and photos. The following shows all the different groundcovers we grow over the year. To see which ground covers are in stock at the moment click on the Plant Availability tab.
Ajuga reptans
A low growing groundcover that forms a mat of lush green-bronze foliage. Blue flower spikes appear in spring. A great choice for a shady spot but is also fine in full sun.
Ajuga reptans
A low growing groundcover that forms a mat of lush green foliage. Blue flower spikes appear in spring. A great choice for a shady spot but is also fine in full sun.
Known as the Californian Lilac this plant is more of a spreading shrub but makes an impressive groundcover. Masses of small blue pom- pom flowers appear in summer. They are ideal for hot, dry banks in full sun. Prune to maintain shape. 60cm x 1.5m
Commonly known as Californian Lilac, this spreading shrub has masses of bright blue flowers throughout spring and summer. An incredibly hardy shrub that prefers a hot, dry, sunny spot. Excellent for bank cover that can handle coastal conditions. Prune hard for shape. 1m x 2.5m
Convolvulus sabitus (syn. mauritanicus)
Masses of lilac- blue flowers from spring to autumn on a ground cover that looks good trailing over walls, down banks or just for colour in the garden. For best results plant in full sun in any average soil. 15cm x 1.5m
Coprosma acerosa
This is a spreading form of Coprosma with small, dark green leaves. Masses of translucent blue berries follow in summer. Will grow just about anywhere only requiring a light trim to maintain shape. Fantastic bank filler. 40cm x 1m
Coprosma prostrata
Hardy native groundcover. Small waxy green leaves form a densely grown mat. Tolerant of most soils and climatic conditions. 15cm x 1.5m
Coprosma rugosa
This hardy plant forms a spreading mound of twisty and twiggy branches. A great choice for exposed situtations and in coastal conditions. Requires little care, just a trim every now and then. 40cm x 1.5m
Lithodora diffusa
A hardy groundcover with small blue, trumpet like flowers. Will look good in rockeries or trailing over retaining walls. Does best if planted in full sun to maximise flowers. Easy to grow and care for, lightly prune after flowering. 75cm spread.
Pachysandra terminalis
This Japanese groundcover has lush green foliage, white flowers in summer and is perfect in a dry and shady position. Spreads by runners so can be controlled easily. 15cm high.
Rosmarinus officinalis
The ground cover form of Rosemary. Masses of brilliant blue flowers cover the plant through summer. Prefers full sun and is great as a ground cover or spilling over walls.
Rubus pentalobus (Orangeberry)
A hardy groundcover with textured leaves that quickly fills a large area. Plant in tough spots where it will thrive. White flowers are followed by small orange fruit that have a flavour similar to orange cordial. 15cm x 2m
Sagina aurea
A moss like groundcover that has bright yellow foliage and is covered in tiny white flowers. Needs a sunny spot for best colour and can be used in between pavers, in containers or as a neat carpet. Team it up with Scleranthus, Thyme and Heuchera for a great colour combination. 50cm spread.
Thymus coccineus
A stunning groundcover that needs no improving on. Tiny and delicate looking foliage is actually really tough. Provides brilliant colour for the garden, hanging over pots and walls, between pavers or as a lawn. Use in cooking as well. Plant in full sun. 10cm x 40cm
Verbena tenusecta
A delightful perennial which forms a tight, flat carpet of foliage that is covered in bright purple flowers right through summer. Very hardy this groundcover pretty much looks after itself.